Conoce Nuestro Equipo

P & S Conoce Nuestro Equipo

We are a leading company in the region apply the latest technology and systems, and we are able to offer our customers the study, development, installation and supervision of electrical and mechanical systems.

Conoce Nuestros Servicios

P & S Conoce Nuestros Servicios

In P&S our services are backed by our experience, quality and confidence our customers have given us. We support your project as a electromechanical contractor, assembly and installation of equipment, engineering and design and project management.

Conoce Nuestros Proyectos

P & S Conoce Nuestros Proyectos

We have extensive experience in electromechanical engineering, having executed various types of projects both locally and nationally, specializing our work in hazardous areas, clean areas, and maneuvers or high risk projects. This section shows an example of projects developed in the past.